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Graphic Designer

The scenographer will work under the supervision of the creative director and in close
collaboration with the creative teams.

• Actively participate in creative brainstormings
• Propose a scenography illustrated by moodboards (images references and drawings)
• Brief illustrator/graphic design teams for renderings and 3D renderings
• Create furniture and accessories moodboards if the project requires it
• Present scenography ideas to the creative team, and to the client if necessary

• Present the event scenography to the technical and production team
• Work with technical and production teams to adapt scenography constraints related to their
areas of expertise (feasibility and budget) and be proactive in terms of construction materials
and technology proposals

• Be the link between the creation team and the project manager (technical and production team)
• Support the scenography project in the esthetic follow-up of decor and accessories production
with external stakeholders and also in their on-site installation.

• Good knowledge of production constraints (budget, materials, manufacturing and installation
time) related to the “ephemeral” field of events
• Ability and flexibility to work within an important creative team with transversal